Profiled Roofing

TaperedPlus Profiled Roof Insulation Boards can be used as part of a new build roofing system or as an overlay solution for existing roofs without incurring the high cost of re-roofing

Manufactured from high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) they are designed to match any profiled roof deck and fit tightly into the profile to eliminate air gaps and condensation to increase the thermal performance of the roof

TaperedPlus Profiled Roof Insulation is suitable for warm roof applications on profiled metal or fibre cement roofing panels. The
profiled boards can be used in conjunction with tapered boards to provide a complete refurbishment solution, with sufficient fall to
improve drainage of water from existing flat roofs

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TaperedPlus Profiled Roofing Insulation can be used as part of a new
build roofing system or as an overlay solution for existing roofs. The
profiled insulation boards are designed to match and fit tightly with
any profiled or corrugated sheet. They are installed directly over the
profiled roofing sheets to instantly improve the u-value and extend
the life of the roof by protecting the structure.

If a fall is required then tapered insulation can be installed over the profiled boards.
The Expanded Polystyrene boards can be used with adhesive or
mechanically fixed fleece backed single ply PVC waterproofing systems
and single ply TPO/FPO systems. When combined with a suitable
separation layer or overlay board a single ply PVC and EPDM, hot or
cold liquid applied or hot bituminous felt membrane can be used

Table 1 shows the thickness of TaperedPlus Profiled Roof Insulation Boards required to achieve a specific u-value. Calculations are based on a single skin roof construction with fibre cement roof panels, steel purlins and rail system, with a single ply adhesively bonded
waterproofing system and TaperedPlus Profiled Roof Insulation.

Moisture Resistance & Breathability Expanded Polystyrene is hydrophobic and highly resistant to the absorption of water but will allow a very minimal amount of water vapour transfer. Expanded Polystyrene is often utilised with a suitable damp proof membrane or vapour control layer to avoid any unwanted water ingress

Reaction To Fire Classification Expanded Polystyrene will commonly achieve reaction to fire
Euroclass F. However, we also supply FRA grades which contain a Fire Retardant Additive and achieve reaction to fire Euroclass E.

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Profiled Roofing

Expanded Polystyrene is non-toxic, non-irritant and odorless, making it completely safe to handle. It can be cut on site using a fine tooth saw or a hot wire cutter. For more information refer to our Safety Data Sheet

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