Insulation Adhesive

TaperedPlus high performance single component polyurethane roofing adhesive.

TaperedPlus high performance single component polyurethane roofing adhesive has been specifically developed for the bonding of rigid insulation boards to roof decks or vapour control layers. The adhesive reacts with moisture resulting in a foaming reaction which then cures and forms a permanent strong bond that withstands both high and low temperatures. The adhesive is 100% free of solvents and VOCs and thus is suitable for a wide variety of insulation types from mineral wool to EPS.


Quick and easy to use
 Cold applied
 Strong permanent bond
 Cost effective
 Damp surface friendly
 No release of volatile solvents to the atmosphere

Important Information

1. Do not apply to wet roofs.
2. Do not use below 5°C. The adhesive will not cure and no bond will be formed.
3. Do not apply more adhesive than can be covered in 15 minutes

The adhesive is packed into 6kg containers for simple and convenient application.
1. Ensure the roof area to be bonded is solid, dry clean and free from ponded water.
2. Do not apply if rain is imminent, remove all ponded water and allow at least 1 hour drying before applying
the adhesive.
3. For partial bonding, apply 4 beads per 600mm wide board for normal use. When bonding in more critical
areas i.e. roof perimeters, apply 6 beads per 600mm wide board.
4. Once applied the boards must be pressed into place within 10-15 minutes at 20°C. It is recommended to
check that the adhesive has fully transferred to the board by carefully lifting a corner to ensure the beads
have been squeezed flat.
5. The curing time of the adhesive is dependent upon the temperature and humidity however curing will
normally occur within 1 hours.
6. Full bond strength is normally achieved within 24 hours

Chemical base Polyurethane
Viscosity 6000 – 10000cps at 20ºC
Specific Gravity 1.10 – 1.20 at 20ºC
Non–Volatile Content 100%
Solvents None
Flammability No Flash Point
Colour Brown
Chemical Resistance Resistant to water, dilute acids, alkalis and aliphatic oils.
Service Temperature -20ºC up to 120ºC
Total Cure Time At 10°C 60 minutes
At 20°C 30 minutes
At 30°C 15 minutes
Shelf Life 6 months in unopened containers stored in dry conditions
between 5ºC and 25ºC
Exposure Number of Strips Coverage Coverage per 6 kg
Normal 4 (25g-35g/lin.m) 100 – 150g/m2
40 – 60 m²
Roof Perimeters 6 (25g-35g/lin.m) 150 -210g/m2
30 – 40 m²

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