Current live lead times

  • PIR (Flat): 5-7 Working Days
  • PIR (Tapered): 7-10 Working Days
  • Rockwool (Flat): 20 Working Days
  • Rockwool (Tapered): 25 to 30 Working Days
  • Hybrid: 10 Working Days
  • VIP: 5 Weeks

Who to contact to make an enquiry?
Please forward any enquiries to sales@taperedplus.co.uk and our team will be happy to assist.

What information do we need to provide a tapered insulation design?

  • Roof plans showing the full area of the roof needed (including outlet positions if possible).
  • Target U-Value for your project.
  • Material type needed (Rockwool or PIR for example).
  • Deck type (if possible).

The more information we receive the more accurate the design.

Who to contact to place an order?
Please forward your purchase order to orders@taperedplus.co.uk and our team will do the rest!

Who to contact if there’s a delivery issue?
Please contact customerservices@taperedplus.co.uk.

Where does Tapered Plus design for and deliver to?
We cover the whole of the UK.

What does Tapered Plus supply?
We are able to supply an extensive range of insulation products (both tapered and flat) for various roofing systems.

Who are Tapered Plus’ suppliers?
We work with a range of leading insulation manufacturers to provide bespoke solutions to a project. Some of our manufacturers include Unilin, Rockwool, and Springvale

Are Tapered Plus on social media?
Yes, we are on social channels, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to keep up to date and in the know.

Did you know you can connect with us on Whatsapp ?!
Save in your contacts 01642 667342  and start a whatsapp chat with us, for all things – Initial point of contact, Communication and Share photos, Help and Support.

What Is BRoof(T4)?
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What is compressive strength?
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What are flat roof crickets?
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